Odd Nedrum- Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

ImageI have been doing a great deal of self-study and reading lately and recently I stumbled upon the art work of Odd Nedrum. His art work is quite interesting to say the least. It would seem that his art passions put him at direct odds with his contemporaries and the art movement of his time and locality. It amazes me often when I look seriously at the lives of those who seem to hear a different drummer who march to a different beat from the most of us. It is amazing to look at the path these individuals take the sacrifice and and pain that they endure for their conviction. This may be why I am so drawn to the life of Christ and His path.

Odd Nerdrum (born April 8, 1944 in Helsingborg, Sweden), is a Norwegian figurative painter. Themes and style in Nerdrum’s work reference anecdote and narrative, while primary influences by the painters Rembrandt and Caravaggio place his work in direct conflict with the abstraction and conceptual art considered acceptable in much of his native Norway, and in opposition to the art of the time.

Nerdrum creates six to eight paintings per year. These include Still life paintings of small everyday objects like bricks, portraits and self portraits whose subjects are dressed as if from some other time and place, and large paintings, allegorical in nature that present a sense of the apocalyptic and again reference another time.[1] Nerdrum says that his art should be understood as kitsch rather than art as such. “On Kitsch“, a manifesto composed by Nerdrum describes the distinction he makes between kitsch and art.[2] Nerdrum’s philosophy has spawned The Kitsch Movement among his students and followers, who call themselves kitsch painters as opposed to artists. I have been experimenting with some Mr. Nedrum’s techniques and I am pleased with the results. Look his work up. I think that you will be presently surprised at the images. Odd Nedrum2(3)


Our God is Immutable- Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

For I am the Lord, I change not, therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. Malachi 3:6

ImageOur God does not change. He is constant, strong and pure. There is no mutation in Him! He is immutable! The word mutable means subject to change. One with even the the smallest amount of observatory skills can clearly see that most things change. It is the essence of ‘things’. It is their essence to change; but our God never changes! James says:

“with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Social Security Claiming Strategy – Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

When is the right age to claim?
Maybe you think that you are too young to consider this question; but believe me you are not! Retirement is closer than you think. Start thinking now and when the time comes you will not be in a panic. I am fortunate. I have great friends  who are wise in these matters and here is their latest advise:  Retirees can apply for social security anytime between ages 62 and 70. But, until you or your spouse reaches your full retirement age (FRA), you won’t be able to take full advantage of social security claiming strategies. For many of today’s retirees (those born between 1943 and 1955), that “magic age” is 66.Image

Seek Ye First- Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

priority(3)Matthew 6:33 says in the Amplified Bible translation: But seek (aim and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right) , and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. I have always heard this text in reference to tithes and offerings. I truly believe if God can have our money He has us! There however is a deeper and more accurate exegesis of this text.  Let’s look closer. The text says to seek His kingdom and righteousness first. What is His kingdom? Romans 14:17 says: The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! We are not to focus on our perceived problems or situations. I say perceived problems because what you choose to observe and experience is what you will observe and experience.  If you only look at the negative aspects of a situation or problem that is exactly what you will see. In contrast if you are relaxed and learn to quiet your mind; you can bring light to you problems and they will eventually evaporate into nothingness.  If you stay with the positive that is what you will see. Where the focus goes the energy flows! Focus on His righteousness not your own. Jesus is perfect and He did a finished work on the cross. Our righteousness are as filthy rags. When Adam failed we failed; but when Jesus succeeded (the second Adam)  we succeeded. We are to keep His joy and peace flowing into our lives. As you focus  on God’s Kingdom and follow His righteousness, peace, and joy, the abundance within will gush out  like a held back stream bursting through a dam and the abundance within will become a reality in our circumstances. Matthew 6:33 goes on to say that God also will give us “add to” blessings. what does that mean? God not only wants to get you out from under that wicked landlord; He wants to” add to” your blessing! He wants you to be a righteous landlord and home owner not just get you out of trouble!

An Asylum of Peace, Independent of Externals- Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD

An Asylum of Peace, Independent of Externals- Boyace Van Harlan Jr., PhD


ImageImageIt is my habit on the first Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning of every month to meet corporately with a group of like-minded intercessors at 5:30 AM to pray on the behalf of others. I will confess here and now that this started off as a duty but has progressed into a delight. On these mornings my alarm clock typically rings twice: at 3:00 AM and at 3:15 AM. Upon which time I finally arise. It was impressed upon me years ago by the Holy Spirit to not merely arise out of bed, jump into a jump suit, and dash off to prayer. I get up and deliberately “shave, shower, and shine”. I prepare as a soldier preparing for inspection from his commanding officer. I leave the house promptly at 5:00 AM arriving at the sanctuary at 5:10 AM. I unlock the building, dim the sanctuary lights, turn on the PA system, and sit in absolute silence until 5:30 AM. I open up the service with a scripture and a brief prayer. After that something amazing always happens both individually and corporately. This morning I was impressed with the phrase: an asylum of peace, independent of externals”. Asylum: 1. An institution for the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance.

2. A place offering protection and safety; a shelter.

3. A place, such as a church, formerly constituting an inviolable refuge for criminals or debtors.

4. The protection afforded by a sanctuary. See Synonyms at shelter.

5. Protection and immunity from extradition granted by a government to a political refugee from another country.

When I pray in my understanding I often comment on how wonderful it is for us to be able to pray without fear of hindrance or molestation. This morning however, I saw that we were all criminals, and debtors as it relates to the Law and that if it were not for grace even the best of us could not stand guiltless. Gratitude filled my heart and the miraculous became tangible. Super invaded our natural.